Thursday, August 25, 2011

A quick tip...

 Are you a singed edge flower maker?
 If so, I've got a quick suggestion for you that I've found quite useful, especially if you're making in bulk.
That suggestion is this:cut out your circles in advance and keep them in a mason jar.
It sounds dumb, but if you're like me, you either (a.) flipping hate cutting circles or (b.) get impatient and just want to start burning some fabric already.
So what I try to do is this: casually cut circles while I am listening to music or watching tv. Just the simple act of getting a few cut here and there will help your assembly go much, much faster!
Plus, then you can have a fluffy jar of chiffon. Who DOESN'T want that?!

"It's so fluffy I could die!"
The only thing I will say about this is you need to make sure you're cutting varying sizes.
The advantage of the jar is less time cutting these...
...and more time making these!
I hope this idea was helpful to you!

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  1. !! I keep mine in a tupperware! hah! :)


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