Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday is Funday #1: Spiderman's Coolest Power

In honor of the amazingness that is this under-recognized power, and the newly released "The Amazing Spideman" here's something to brighten your day:

Oh sewing/superhero humor. Always a winner.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make or Buy: Anthro Painted Tee's Edition

I think it's pretty universally agreed that crafters (a.) love Anthropologie, and (b.) are cheap. 
Those two don't mix too well, do they?
So here's a humble suggestion for a "How to get the t-shirt without dropping the cash."
Enter: Anthro T's.

Aren't they gorgeous?! Bad news bears, though: they retail at $58. Ouch.
Kinda sucks.

Seeing them jogged my mind about something I pinned, though. So to my DIY board I went digging, and came across the brilliant idea from Freckles in April.

Yeah.(tutorial found here) Close enough to experiment with?
I think so.
And really, let's figure out the math on this...
3 pack mens v-neck tee's...approx. $10.
A few bottles fabric paint...approx $8.
Spray bottles and brushes on!

So yes. You could look at it as either $58 smackroonies for one t-shirt, or $18 dollahs for 3 t-shirts.
I mean, it's your choice, really... :)

Monday, February 6, 2012


Sometimes the only thing there is to do is to eat frosting and watch "Family Guy."
Today is one of those such days.
It was a long way.
I'm clawing my way out of a creative slump.
I miss my best friend.
I'm just...mehhhhhh.
So tonight? Tonight I eat the rest of the can and I watch 3 hours worth of fart jokes.
But tomorrow?
No more excuses for not crafting.
It's going down, kids.
It's going down.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

That's pretty neat.

My mind.

Time to go hunt down some more scarves!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Shiny. Let's be bad guys.

I like shiny things.
(Not Alot, A lot.)
I'm also pretty darn cheap, so I don't like the idea of coughing up $5-10 for something that cost me around $1 in supplies for one headband.
I also really like instant gratification crafts.
It was only natural that this would happen.
(This being a sequin trim headband.)
The supplies?
A 3 Pack of headbands from Hobby Lobby, normally $3.00 but half off, and a roll of sequin trim, normally $1.99, purchased with a 40% off coupon,  and hot glue.
Easy enough, hey.

Not the most original thing in the world, I'll admit it, but it's pretty dang fun anyways! I feel vaguely like a little girl when I wear it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Most little girls I know have mad style. (Case in point: my 3 year old niece wears a tutu as a skirt and  looks ridiculously awesome. But hey, I might be just a little biased...)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pretty Things by Clever People

I just thought I'd share a few tutorials that I've been crushing on lately...Oh pinterest, you great sucking vortex of time, you...

DIY Gel Pen "Quills" from Idle Wife. So dang fun!
DIY Braided bracelet. Obsessed. OBSESSED. Can't wait to make one...(from Simply Allis)
DIY Sparkle Headphones from Hey, Look What I Made!(I'm a little obsessed with that blog, hahaha.)

What's next on your to make list?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade is Heartmade.

Don't you just have a love/hate relationships with quotes like "Handmade is heartmade?"
Because, I mean, it's true, it's just super super cheesey.
Am I right?
Anyways, here are a few photos of some recent presents I've made...
(Okay, you got me. I'm just posting Christmas presents...sigh.)

 I LOVE making notebooks. Love it. They're a little painstaking, yes, but so worth it.  And picking out the covers are the bestest! For this batch I used some fair trade paper, an old shopping bag, and a recycled Gwen Frostic card. Perfect to pair with some Burts Bees and some Chocolate!

Aren't these necklaces sweet? I made them the "Alberta" necklace for a homesick Canadian friend, and the "Heart" necklace for my nerdy but big hearted friend. I used to make the custom necklaces with Dimensional Magic, and while that stuff is the bomb diggety, after using glass domes I will never ever go back. It just makes the necklaces look so professional and pretty!

Gifting handmade is the way to go! Okay, maybe only for a specific portion of people. But hey, you take what you can, right?