Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Currently crushing...

I was hoping to have something a little more "original content-y" to put up, but I fear a bad combo of allergies and work have kept me from it. Fret not, I hope to have a tutorial up by the end of the week. w00t w00t!
So for now, I think I will just throw up links to some tutorials that I'm pretty jazzed about.

How cute is this idea? Jessica from Two Shades of Pink shows you how on Free Pretty Things for You! I'm excited to make and send one to my friend!

Tania of What would a nerd wear? had a fantastically clear tutorial for what she calls "the world's easiest skirt." And the bonus? It has pockets. Skirt with pockets are always awesome.

Sweet LemoNAYde has a tutorial for a draped jersey shirt that is so infuriatingly simple I'm kicking myself for not figuring it out before. Way to go, Nay!
There you have it! And now I'm off to try and perfect a headband. Fun times!

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