The Name

What exactly does "Humble Assaults" mean?
This is the question I have heard the most. regarding the whole HA experience.
It all started with an episode of "White Collar..."

If you're not familiar with the show, which you should be(just saying), the main character tends to wear fedoras a lot. One episode, he was asked "What's up with the hat?"
Neal, and main,  replied with this: "Oh, this? This is just my humble assault against the common place."

That scene stuck with me for several months. My friend and I had been selling a few hair bows under "Pixie Tree Productions" when we split creatively, so to speak. She went on to refresh(ing) jewelry designs, and I? I needed a name. I missed blogging, sporadic as I am at it. I missed making to sell. If I can make a necklace that makes 5 people smile in it's whole existence, it's worth it. In the end, it is just a necklace. Just a humble assaults against the common place. And that's when it hit me.
My crafts serve no real purpose most of the time other then being pretty and making people happy.
But, they are making people happy, and that's enough.
So I'll keep trucking. I'll keep making. I'll keep posting rambling posts to the blog. Because, after all, they are just my humble assaults against the commonplace. <3