The Store

Hey there!
Being the poor, soon-to-be college student that I am, I decided to start making money by doing something that I love: crafting.
What do I craft? Dictionary pendants, sheet music pendants, cabochon necklaces, singed edge hair flowers, lace bows, and more. I love every minute of it.
I was recently found at the WMCAA Christmas to Remember Craft Bazaar in Byron Center, Michigan, and am currently consigning at the fabulous One Girl's Treasure!

UPDATE 10/2012: I sort of fell into a crafting depression. For reals. It more or less stopped for a while and I pretty much destroyed about 3 different custom jobs (I AM SO SORRY) by pretty much just giving up. However, out passion is back, but with it, my aethsteic is changing. get ready. it's gonna be fun1