Sunday, August 28, 2011

An observation and a few quick notes...

This is my astute observation after scouring the supply section of etsy for a handful of things...

Ain't life grand?

Anyways, I just thought I'd quick throw up a post with a few tidbits:

1. I made a master list of posts-to-come, and I really hope you guys like jewelry, hair stuff and leather. Other wise, you'll probably pretty much hate me.
2. I'm planning on for sure signing up for a craft fair and ordering supplies this week. Scary. Expensive. And yet it sounds super super fun and I can't wait. You'll probably get to hear more about it then you'd care too.
3.As I said in the last post, I'll be for sure posting every other day and for the most part alternating original/roundups, but I may throw up dumb, just because posts on the day in between. Like this one.
4. I got a tutorial comin' at you this week. Want a sneak peek?

Mwahaha. I'm so excited!
Thanks for reading!

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