Monday, January 16, 2012

Handmade is Heartmade.

Don't you just have a love/hate relationships with quotes like "Handmade is heartmade?"
Because, I mean, it's true, it's just super super cheesey.
Am I right?
Anyways, here are a few photos of some recent presents I've made...
(Okay, you got me. I'm just posting Christmas presents...sigh.)

 I LOVE making notebooks. Love it. They're a little painstaking, yes, but so worth it.  And picking out the covers are the bestest! For this batch I used some fair trade paper, an old shopping bag, and a recycled Gwen Frostic card. Perfect to pair with some Burts Bees and some Chocolate!

Aren't these necklaces sweet? I made them the "Alberta" necklace for a homesick Canadian friend, and the "Heart" necklace for my nerdy but big hearted friend. I used to make the custom necklaces with Dimensional Magic, and while that stuff is the bomb diggety, after using glass domes I will never ever go back. It just makes the necklaces look so professional and pretty!

Gifting handmade is the way to go! Okay, maybe only for a specific portion of people. But hey, you take what you can, right?

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