Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Make or Buy: Anthro Painted Tee's Edition

I think it's pretty universally agreed that crafters (a.) love Anthropologie, and (b.) are cheap. 
Those two don't mix too well, do they?
So here's a humble suggestion for a "How to get the t-shirt without dropping the cash."
Enter: Anthro T's.

Aren't they gorgeous?! Bad news bears, though: they retail at $58. Ouch.
Kinda sucks.

Seeing them jogged my mind about something I pinned, though. So to my DIY board I went digging, and came across the brilliant idea from Freckles in April.

Yeah.(tutorial found here) Close enough to experiment with?
I think so.
And really, let's figure out the math on this...
3 pack mens v-neck tee's...approx. $10.
A few bottles fabric paint...approx $8.
Spray bottles and brushes on!

So yes. You could look at it as either $58 smackroonies for one t-shirt, or $18 dollahs for 3 t-shirts.
I mean, it's your choice, really... :)

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  1. Haha. I love this! :] And I should really try making some of these shirts! They are adorable!


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