Monday, September 5, 2011

The "Wonderland" Necklace Tutorial

If you don't like storybooks or jewelry or adorable things in general, you're not going to like this post. But you should read this post anyways. Because it's time to change your views, my boring friend, and start enjoying the whimsical. Yes indeed. And in the generous fun-spreading spirit, I have a tutorial for you.
You're welcome.
Go fourth and be poopheaded no more.

Here's what you'll need...
-Mod Podge
 -A paint brush
-Glass bottle charms. I found mine at the Hobby Lobby, only $1.47 for 2 charms and it was half off!
- A dictionary, or a book that you know has the words "drink" and "me" in it. "Alice in Wonderland" itself is not a bad option if you have a well loved copy. You could print these words out, too, but I'm a big advocate for using unloved books.
-Seed beads
-A necklace chain and jump ring

Step 1. Using your pliers, gently pull the cork from your glass bottle.

Step 2. Pour in some seed beads. Don't pour too much, because then your bottle won't seal properly. The halfway mark is a good goal.

Step 3. Gently press the cork back into the bottle. Push it in about as far as you can possibly make it.

You wish your job involved sorting serrated knives so you could jusitfy buying princess bandaids,
It's pretty darn adorable already, isn't it? Just wait, my friend. Just wait.
Step 4. Locate the words "Drink" and "me" in your book of choice and cut them out.

 Step 5. Carefully apply mod podge to the word "drink"

Step 6. Gently press the word unto your bottle. Repeat steps 5. and 6. for the word "me."

Step 7.  Add a jump ring and a chain.

Step 8. Admire and enjoy!

I'm really in love with the results. It turned out a lot cuter then I had hoped for, to be honest.   Now I have to decided what to do with the other bottle charm...I'm torn between wanting to make a Harry Potter potion necklace or filling it with rainbow sprinkles. 'Cause you know, sprinkles and HP are awesome and stuff. Which one do you think I should do?

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