Friday, September 9, 2011

DIY Gifts for Tea Lovers

I don't know about you, but somehow I wound up in a tea loving circle of friends.
Not that there's anything wrong with's just weird to hear that many people under 80 obsess over tea. Especially if you're a hardcore Dt. Mountain Dew lover. Anyways, whilst browsing Pinterest I came up with a sweet handful of tea-ish gifts to *maybe* make them.  And they're all low budget,too. w00t!

Cumbersome has a gorgeous tutorial for making your own tea soaps! She even has little tags you can print off!
re-nest has a fun tutorial up for painting your own tea set! This would be so great to do with thrift store china...

Creature comforts has a great tutorial for using porcelain pens if you're like me and couldn't trust yourself with a brush.
Hilda from handmade therapy has a nice clear tutorial for these adorable little tea bag wallets. Cute!
Rubber duckies. That's all the reason you need to make these loose leaf tea brewer things.

There you have it,tea lovers. Go fourth and down your boiled herbs!



  1. My best friend LOOOVES tea, and her birthday is coming up. YAY!!

  2. I love these. I want a porcelain pen! Unfortunately I don't like tea but my sister-in-law collects mugs so it'd be super fun to design one for her!


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