Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Crafts-to-Do for the Fall

Of course,when I say this, there's a good chance that I'll maybe make one
But hey, it's good to have goals, right?

1. Cross Stitch Pendant (Tutorial via Craftzine)
So basically I just want to start cross stitching. I remember my mom teaching me the basics when I was little,but I've been seeing a lot of sweet stuff done with cross stitch lately and I'm getting jealous. Plus, this is motivation enough. Theoretically.

Anthro Inspired Lace Cardigan Makeover(idea via Welcome to the gOOd life)
This one is going to have be very circumstantial, because I'm pretty protective of both my cardis and my lace. I shall just have to wait until some day I feel daring enough and just do it.

Recycled Ear Warmers(tutorial via Prudent Baby)
I really will have no excuse for avoiding this one other then fear. What I'd like is to get super good at it and be able to find some nice sweaters to salvage by Christmas time. Because hey, cheap and handmade. That's how I roll.

 What crafts are you looking to tackle soon?

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