Sunday, November 27, 2011


On black friday, part of my family and I headed to the lakeshore and hit up a few thrift stores and the Kerstmarkt market in Holland, Michigan. I love Holland. I love it's dutchiness and cute little stores(I could easily do a blogpost on almost every store on 8th street, the main road)  and beaches. It's a beautiful thing.
And for our family loving Holland as much as we do, we'd never been to Kerstmarkt, which is apparently a thing. Who knew, right? Kertsmarkt advertises itself as an "open air, European style market" and pops up at the holidays for Christmas shopping. Boss, right?
Well, it wasn't quite what we hoped. It was a little sad, to be honest. I liked a decent amount of stuff there was out, but honestly, there were very few vendors. If they could draw more vendors in, I think it would be amazing. Anyways, disappointed or not, it was very festive and just plain fun. There was even someone roasting Chestnuts and handing them out, albeit they were roasted on a gas grill.
So now you get to see pictures of it which makes it look 50% cooler then it was.


How about you guys? What did you do for Black Friday/ Shop Local Saturday?

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  1. This place looks awesome! :] What a fun Black Friday! My husband and I split up and went to Target and WalMart and scored a brand new Canon Rebel T3 camera which we LOVE!


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