Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Doll-ah!

I was hanging out with my friend, K, the very person I had JUST made a lace flower for, and who was home for fall break when we decided to hit up a rather hit-and-miss thrift store by my house. When you go there, you either (a.) find amazing deals and really nice stuff (K. found a like-new j. crew ruffle top and a 100% silk skirt once!), or (b.) completely bomb and wonder if there are a bunch of naked grannies running around, because they all seem to have donated their clothing recently.
Well, oddly enough, it wound up being a hit day for me! That never happens there, let alone when I'm shopping with K, who has crazy shopping luck.
But ladies and, well, ladies, may I proudly present the $2 purchase of the year (so far!)
Yards and yards of lace!
(And a random blue trim!)
 I even made a bow out of it already.

I am so pumped!
I also got a Darth Vader mask for my brother. But that's slightly less exciting, depending on who you are :)
Sorry I went a little crazy with the washi tape graphics! They're so dang fun...

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  1. Love this! I need to find a good deal on lace somewhere! Just gorgeous! And the Darth Vader mask is super exciting! Haha.


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