Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bag 'o Fun

As I'm sure you know, $9 at a thrift store can go a long way.
So imagine my glee when I was thrifting the other week and I come across this treasure trove:
No,your eyes do not deceive you.
That is indeed a big old bag of jewelry!
When I went out thrifting a few weeks ago, I found 3 full-to-bursting sandwhich size ziplocks marked "Broken Jewelry, $3."Needless to say, it all came home with me.
Here are a few favorites....(pardon the crap photography.)
How gorgeous is this locket style pendant? I can't wait to give it a long chain and start wearing it!
I love this one! It was a pin formerly, but I'm thinking I'll make it into a headband...
This bracelet. Love. This. Bracelet. Unfortunately. the whole structure is coming apart. But after some time and love, it will be glorious!
Yeah, I have no idea what this was. But it's pretty! I'm going to sand off the rest of the broken leaves and make it into a bobby pin...
I have a feeling that the magic bag will provide many,many more projects.... all of which you'll probably get to see :)

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  1. That is so cool! I always love finding those things at thrift stores, though the goodwill that I frequent has definitely raised their prices.... :/ still -- it's cheaper than buying the stuff new!


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