Friday, July 29, 2011

Crafts Fairs and Business Cards

I will throw an introduction post up fact, at the moment, I really should be packing or cleaning, but somehow throwing up the mockup for my new business card seemed like a lot more fun.
I am pretty sure I'm going to do a craft fair come Christmas's a pretty low pressure one, and it's only $20 per table, so I figured it wouldn't be too bad to do to dip my toes into the craft fair world. But I figure if I'm doing a craft fair, I ought to...
(a.) Bulk order supplies,soon-ish.
(b.) bulk MAKE crafts, probably a several month process, and
(c.) design and print up some legit business cards.

So I did a quick mock-up for a business card last night, and I actually kind of like it! It definitely has some issues yet, but not too bad for a spring board.

I'm sure you'll get to see lots of my monkey-ish attempts to design is the next few months. But for now, I suppose I should work on packing...

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